Computer & Laptop Repairs in Aberdeen, Banchory & Deeside

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Virus Removal

Are you getting annoying pop-up adverts ? PC locked and being held to ransom (Police Virus, Cryptolocker) ? Computer running very slow ? Websites being redirected ? If you are getting these symtoms your computer may have malware. We have tried and tested methods of removing viruses, adware & spyware without reinstalling the operating system.

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O.S. installation

Sometimes an operating system may need reinstalled due to corruption or severe malware infection. If this is the case we'll backup all data including Outlook email data (if required). We can then reinstall Windows 7/8/10 (valid product key required), macOS, install all hardware drivers, Windows updates, anti-virus software (if required), essential software like Adobe Reader, Google Chrome etc.

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Laptop repair

Laptop screen replacements. Keyboard replacements. Power jack replacements. Printer setup. Wireless Network setup. Memory upgrades. SSD upgrades. Hard Drive upgrades. Processor upgrades.

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Data recovery

Computer not booting up ? Important data that you really can't afford to lose on the hard drive ? External hard drive not accessible ? We have plenty of experience recovering data from corrupt and failing hard drives.